Making Love Work Over A Lifetime

Making Love Work Over A Lifetime

At the beginning of their romantic relationships, couples work things out. They find a way to be in love. And it’s wonderful. And they are married for some five to 10 years feeling in love, then over time, things can change and things will change.

It doesn’t stay the same. So whatever you have worked out, when you’re married, the first five years or so is not going to be the same after 10 or 15 years of marriage, it’s going to change.

You have kids, it’s very different when the kids are little. And when the kids start becoming teenagers. It’s very different when you’re 25 years old, than when you’re 35 or 40 in terms of how you feel about everything.

And unless you have the skills to talk with each other, to share with each other, how you’re feeling differently about life and your situation and your marriage and your family and your work. Unless you can talk with your partner about it. It’s a big problem…

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