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#1 Relationship Barrier

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Drs. Barbara & Michael Grossman

have helped over 1,600 couples to overcome their relationship barriers. They have found there are 5 unconscious relationship barriers impacting 90% of couples. Discovering YOUR relationship barrier is the first step to finally having the love you desire.

Power Struggle: Ending the Fight
Feel respected and connected to your partner, while restoring harmony and intimacy in your relationship.
Love & Money: Resolving Money Issues
Resolve your money issues and feel more empowered, while having the thriving romantic relationship you desire.
Better Sex: Restoring Passion
Feel a deeper, sexier, more intimate connection with your partner.
Feeling Unimportant: Becoming #1 in Your Relationship
Feel like you are #1 with your partner, and restore a close connection quickly.
Parenting Without Arguments: Peace at Last
Create lasting calm in your home, make sure your kids become successful adults, and have a more loving relationship with your partner.