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Does the Right Woman Make You Live Longer?

Does the Right Woman Make You Live Longer? | The MountainTop Podcast

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You’ve probably heard that those who are in a long-term relationship live longer. Dr. Michael and Dr. Barbara Grossman are specialists in that area. In this episode, they reveal exactly what we can and should do to make sure that happens.

Can you believe there was an 80-year study to find out the truth behind this? What are the baseline rules for making sure you’re in the right relationship with the right woman to promote longevity? What if we’re already in a relationship that is likely the opposite of that?

Even though the premise of this episode isn’t completely gender-specific, why is it especially pertinent to men? How do maturity and responsibility intersect with all of this? As we go through different life stages during a relationship, how does the dynamic change that keeps us thriving over the long haul?

What is the medical science perspective on all of that? How do menopause–and yes andropause–affect the power of our relationship to increase our overall longevity? You know testosterone levels were going to come up in a conversation like this. What does Dr. Michael have to say about that?

What are Dr. Barbara’s ways to ‘socially engineer’ your relationship right now to propel you to a long, happy and healthy life ahead? How does the frequency of sexual activity affect longevity, especially for us as men?

Who lives longer, parents or childless couples? And…the most tantalizing question of all: Generally, we do our best to be healthy and look good during our dating days, and yet even though the stereotype is we ‘let ourselves go’ after marriage, why is it ‘old married couples’ STILL tend to live longer?