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How The Conflict With Your Partner Is Not Personal

How The Conflict With Your Partner Is Not Personal | ERP 327 Empowered Relationship Podcast

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We all know that disagreements are an inevitable part of every relationship, but would you agree that they are not personal? According to Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman, conflicts between partners are not personal but rather part of a healthy development process.

In this episode, they share their own experiences, struggles, and attempts to figure out how to keep their relationship thriving as well as the skills they learned from different mentors that ultimately inspired them to support couples going through these transitions in their relationships.

Your CheckList of Actions to Take

  • Set reasonable expectations in your relationship. Do not expect a smooth ride.
  • Communicate your thoughts, feelings, and goals with your partner and collaborate on how you can help each other.
  • Remember that disagreements with your partner are not personal, but rather part of a healthy development process.
  • Practice listening to each other without interrupting.
  • Join relationship workshops to learn more about the skills you need for a healthy relationship.
  • Talk to a specialist about replacing hormones with bioidentical hormones if necessary to keep your brain and sex functioning normally.

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