The Homance Chronicles 

The Homance Chronicles | Episode 186: Falling in Love Forever feat. Drs. Barbara Click HERE to listen to the full interview with Nicole Bonneville and Sarah Andonian For over thirty years, Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create fulfilling romantic partnerships. They break down the unique skills that are required …

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Making Love Work Over A Lifetime

At the beginning of their romantic relationships, couples work things out. They find a way to be in love. And it’s wonderful. And they are married for some five to 10 years feeling in love, then over time, things can change and things will change. It doesn’t stay the same. So whatever you have worked …

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family outing

Why Is Marriage So Complicated

…and yet so deeply fulfilling? Creating a partnership is kind of like learning how to walk on dance with your partner. Barbara and I love to ballroom dance. And it’s such a great metaphor for what you’re doing in a romantic relationship. We danced together in the beginning and just learned the steps. Just doing …

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